Digital solutions used to increase safety on Smögen Bridge renovation project in Sweden

During the summer of 2023, construction company Svevia carried out extensive bridge repairs on the E45 outside Östersund, Sweden. The project came with many different challenges, but with the help of digital solutions from Ramudden, Svevia was able to ensure a safe working environment for staff on the road and for road users.

Published 2023-10-06: Increased safety with digital supervision
One of Svevia's main challenges during the project was to carry out sign checks once a day, seven days a week, for a period of four months. Ramudden was able to meet that need by equipping the workplace with a set of digital solutions in the form of solar-powered VMS carts, traffic lights, smart battery caps and the new Intellitag® system, technology that enables real-time monitoring of workplaces without human presence.
Patrik Halvarsson, Site Manager at Svevia Anläggning said: “Through the digital monitoring, we as contractors can feel that we have control over the work area even when we are not active on site, and that road users get better information about what is happening before they arrive at the work site.”

Increased safety and reduced environmental impact

With digital supervision, it is possible to identify any issues immediately. For example, a sign that has fallen over, a barrier that has been struck or a battery running out at a traffic light. Digital monitoring increases safety for both road users and everyone who works on the road.
Daniel Grande, Supervisor at Svevia said: “It feels safe to receive information about issues by SMS. We can take appropriate measures immediately, which increases the safety of both road users and our staff on the road.
"With solar powered VMS wagons, we can also measure and detect if queues are forming, not least if Svevia has to close the road due to an accident or in the event of an emergency of some kind. In this instance, the VMS will warn road users of this."
Daniel Grande concluded: "Digital solutions also contribute to significant environmental savings. Personnel only need to visit a site in the event of an issue, reducing the number of routine site visits."