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At Ramudden Digital we believe that technology has a major role to play in creating safer, greener, and more efficient work zones.

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Safer, greener and more efficient work zones

"We are witnessing the unstoppable and rapid digitalisation of work zones and road infrastructure around the world. Tools, assets, and vehicles are becoming smart and connected, bringing a wealth of new possibilities and opportunities."
Our portfolio of proven digital products and services has been carefully designed to create safer, greener and more efficient work zones. Together, our products create a digital twin of all types of temporary work zones and assets. 
This unique approach allows rapid deployment and customisation of connected products whilst almost eliminating any site set up requirements. 


Our number one priority is to provide safe working environments for infrastructure workers whilst ensuring road users can safely navigate these worksites. Our solutions help protect workers from errant vehicles whilst providing dynamic warnings to road users of upcoming hazards.
We also provide solutions that safeguard workers from hazards within the work zone and protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians from vehicles.


Sustainability is an integral part of how we do business. Our solutions have enabled a paradigm shift moving away from routine maintenance of work zones to event-based maintenance. 
This has made it possible to significantly reduce vehicle movements and associated emissions, whilst our teams are able to respond much quicker to any incidents or misplaced safety equipment. This improves operational efficiency.


Increasing traffic flows are putting major pressure on transport networks, with delays costing the global economy billions every year. Given that there is only limited scope for new infrastructure developments, there is increasing reliance on making the maintenance of our existing networks safer, leaner, and less disruptive.
Our solutions have enabled a step change in traffic management, freeing up resources for value-added activities whilst using a data-led approach to optimising journey times for road users.

Our digital products and services fall into four categories suitable to urban and high-speed road, construction and rail environments.