We are Ramudden Digital

We are dedicated to using technology to advance safety, sustainability and efficiency in work zones.

Why choose us

Bringing together global expertise

Established in 2023, Ramudden Digital brings together leading global companies in digital work zone safety, infrastructure safety and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).
Through our digital centres of excellence, we harness cutting-edge technology to develop innovative solutions that set industry standards and enhance safety practices worldwide to create safer, greener and more efficient work zones.
Our digital products and services fall into four categories suitable to urban and high-speed road and rail environments: Worker Safety, Digital Supervision, Traffic Analysis and Traffic Control.
Our dedicated teams have years of expertise in their respective fields, constantly raising the bar to ensure the highest level of safety for our people, our customers and the traveling public. With solutions deployed globally, we are committed to safeguarding lives and promoting a culture of safety in every project we undertake.

Our pioneering spirit of safety and innovation

Our origins can be traced back as far as 1961 to Peter Berghaus GmbH in Germany with the development of traffic signal systems. And in 1964, its founder Peter Berghaus developed the first radio controlled traffic signals.
More than half a century later, today Ramudden Digital comprises Ramudden Digital North America (formerly Stinson ITS), Ramudden Digital UK (formerly HRS), Signco (Belgium and Netherlands), AVS Digital (Germany), Peter Berghaus (Germany) and Ramudden Digital Sweden.
All of these companies have been and continue to be pioneers and innovators in their specialist fields, seeking to push the boundaries of technological development and develop solutions that will improve the journeys and safety of the travelling public, and protect the workers that work on the roads and in critical infrastructure projects.


Our policies

We have developed group-wide policies that cover crucial issues throughout our value chain and include business ethics, health, safety, environment, quality and code of conduct. We require everyone to follow these guidelines.

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