Stinson ITS rebrands as Ramudden Digital North America

Stinson ITS Inc., part of the Ramudden Canada group of companies, is excited to announce that the company is rebranding as Ramudden Digital, North America.

Published 2023-09-12: Stinson ITS rebrands as Ramudden Digital North America
The decision to rebrand as Ramudden Digital was driven by the company recently being acquired by the largest global temporary traffic and infrastructure safety solutions specialist, Ramudden Global, through its Canadian subsidiary, Ramudden Inc. Ramudden Digital will continue to build upon the solid foundation and expertise established by Stinson ITS, while also embracing the future that defines the digital landscape.
Ultimately, Ramudden Digital will become a global brand made up of all the current digital technology companies around the world within the group, including:
Stinson ITS – Canada
AVS Digital – Germany
Highway Resource Solutions (HRS) – United Kingdom
Peter Berghaus – Germany
Signco – Belgium
James Delamere, Chief Executive Officer of Ramudden Canada said: “This is a very exciting time for us. The decision to rebrand as Ramudden Digital, North America, allows us to leverage Ramudden’s globally renowned reputation for excellence and innovation. With the new branding, along with new supplemental access to cutting-edge technologies, we move forward with the promise of continued quality, customer service and growth.”
When asked about the change, Michael McGuire, President of Ramudden Digital, North America, commented: “This change represents a dramatic change in the size and breadth of expertise we bring to the market. With 150 ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and digital experts across North America and Europe, Ramudden Digital is fast becoming a global leader in the ITS market.
“There will be some changes, but only for the better. Our dedicated and experienced team and their commitment to excellence in serving you, our customers and industry partners will not change whatsoever. Additionally, our current products and services will continue to be available to all existing and potential customers. Along with many more coming soon.”
Ramudden Digital will continue to offer a wide range of solutions, including Traffic Management and Analytics solutions, Intelligent Road Safety Devices, Smart Work Zone Systems, and many more. The rebranding will not affect the company’s ongoing projects, partnerships, or client relationships.
The name change will take effect immediately, and clients can expect to see the new name and branding on the company’s communications, vehicles, and equipment over the coming months with the new name and a continued focus on excellence.
Ramudden Global is a network of infrastructure safety companies providing urban and high-speed traffic management, arboriculture, digital services, and specialisms in infrastructure safety. With over 4,500 employees across 12 countries, their mission is ‘to get people home safely every day.’ It inspires their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, sharing ideas and solutions to lead the way in innovation and governance to become a force for good. A caring force for a safer world.
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