Digital Supervision

24/7 remote supervision of work zones, enabling rapid response to issues.

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Monitoring and managing work zone integrity is still largely a manual process. It is common for traffic management personnel to routinely drive through work zones to check that signs and delineators (i.e. cones) are in place and address any issues such as fallen down signs. Visual inspections are sometimes difficult due to the speeds involved and require significant vehicle movements which adds to traffic and greenhouse gas emissions.
At Ramudden Digital we are aiming for a paradigm shift from routine to event-based maintenance of work zones. Using our award-winning technology platform we connect safety-critical work zone assets to our cloud-based platform.
This provides 24/7 monitoring which means that any exceptions (i.e. low batteries, fallen down signs and cones) can be responded to immediately, reducing the risk to road users and road workers.
By reducing visual inspections, it is also possible to reduce vehicle movements and the carbon footprint associated with maintaining the integrity of work zones.
Our digital supervision solutions make it possible to create a digital twin of safety-critical temporary traffic management assets, including:
  • Conventional road works signage to monitor position and potential falls.
  • Delineators such as cones, channelisers, or temporary barriers to monitor for any impact or displacement.
  • Variable message signs and temporary traffic lights to monitor their status, including position and battery.
Digital supervision is the future of work zone management. It improves safety of road users and workers, improves service to road operators, and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Soon it will allow connected vehicles to receive advanced warning of work zones ahead, helping to reduce incidents and improving journeys.

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