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On a high proportion of road-based work zones, traffic cones or plastic delineators are the only temporary form of protection workers have from adjacent traffic. As a result, thousands of road worker injuries and hundreds of deaths are caused by workers being struck by errant vehicles when they are in a work zone.
Driver error, confusion, distraction, or influence of alcohol or drugs are all major risks to workers who rightfully expect to be able to work in a safe place.
In 2011, after a tragic accident that led to the death of an infrastructure worker, we developed an incursion warning system that makes infrastructure workers feel significantly safer. Our multi award-winning incursion warning system is now deployed in work zones across Europe, Canada and Asia Pacific.
Primarily designed as a warning if all other control measures fail, the system is also being used to remove traffic management personnel from potentially hazardous locations and redeploy them to other more value-adding activities. This has improved their safety whilst also improving the efficiency of overall work zone management.
Our incursion prevention and warning system called IIPAWS® makes it possible to create an electronic safety perimeter around any type of work zone within a matter of seconds with the following key business benefits:


  • Instantly warns the workforce in case of a work zone breach, helping them avoid harm.
  • Instant (customisable) alerts to the workforce for non-life-threatening events, such as access by emergency services and/or escorted vehicles to improve safety and efficiency.
  • Removes traffic controllers from areas of potential harm and redeploys them to more value-adding activities.
  • Provides the ability for stakeholders to communicate with designated site personnel without the need for a physical presence.
  • Generates deployment and breach data enabling data-lead continuous improvement.
Our ethos is simplicity and hence all our solutions are deployable by a single person. Where possible we make existing equipment smart to ensure field personnel are not at risk any longer than necessary.
Our proprietary geozoning system enables the creation of a digital twin of the work zone which automates equipment configuration and set up on site, making it easy and quick to scale digital solutions on site.

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