Traffic Analytics

Enabling intelligence-led decision-making to reduce cost, journey time, and carbon emissions.

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Better data enables us to make better decisions. This is an age-old saying but holds particularly true for the management of heavily used and safety-critical assets such as our road and rail networks.
Being able to measure traffic flows in real-time whilst identifying and classifying different road users helps to quickly build a picture of any specific challenges faced and how these can be rectified or improved on.
At Ramudden Global we use the latest technologies including image processing and fibre optic technologies, which can be deployed in almost any setting to improve safety and traffic flows.
This ranges from analysing use of pedestrian crossings to counting train cart axles. We do not just use data to create insights and reports for clients. We also supply displays and warning technologies that can take real-time traffic measurements to improve road users’ safety.
Our range of cloud-connected products enable:
  • Real-time monitoring of traffic flows, including road user classification.
  • Provision of dynamic warnings to oncoming vehicles of pedestrians using a crossing.
  • Measuring and displaying number of road users (i.e. bicycles) using dedicated road space.
  • Real-time travel time measurement and relaying this on Variable Message Signs.
All our solutions are highly modular and can be deployed in urban and high-speed roads. In most cases solar power options are available to enable high levels of autonomy and minimal maintenance.

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